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Internship and Thesis

Joining Bürkert
During your studies you acquire a great deal of theoretical knowledge - we show you how fascinating the practical applicant of that knowledge can be. During your internship at Bürkert we not only integrate you in the day-to-day activities, but also assign you your own projects early on.

Work / study positions
If you would like to supplement your income during your studies, you can apply to us for a work / study position. Take the opportunity to gain practical experience!

If you would like to write your thesis at Bürkert, it is desireable that you complete your studies quickly and with good academic performance.

Please apply about 3 months in advance of the desired starting date. After reviewing your documents we will be glad to discuss suggestions for specific projects.

Employment opportunities for students and professional new-starters:

Internship, work / study positions or Thesis - everything is possible!

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